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You're Still With Me

Two cycles of life have come and gone

Since the night I first laid my eyes on you

And my heart jumped of excitement at

the sound of your thunderous laughter.


I can feel your breathing on my neck

while I sleep the dream of holy angels

And as the breath of God in my life

so it is your spirit reaching my soul.


A sudden jerk in the middle of the night

wakes you up with the desire and the will

to unite two souls in lasting embrace, and

My body receives the life that you give.


If only I could now open my eyes and see

that you remain here with me

pressing your body against mine

And not somewhere far away


But my eyes I refuse to open to each day

that passes without you here with me.

Knowing that a dream has the power to

Make real that which has long ceased to be.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean

a poem for C.W.M.

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