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Illuminated Manuscript

The Art of Illumination

How images are used to support text

The painting on the left was created following practices common to the Medieval AgeEgg yolks are mixed with natural powdered pigments and placed in layers over home-made paper (using natural plant materials).  But it goes much farther than that. The simple Greek text is made the more stronger by the images surrounding it.  The text in the manuscripts was supported by these images.

"Blessed are the poor in spirits for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven", it reads.  The focal point is the Divine hand that breaks through the heavy clouds and directs the attention to the a downtrodden human being.  Behind him a path reaches out from the holy city of God.  On the left one can see the Christ uttering these words to the spellbound crowd.

In the inferior part of the painting you find the coat of arms of the Count of Lorne, where the name Lorna is thought to originate from.  As in antiquity, the image or name of the patron or person that inspired the work is added.  Lorna Rodriguez, a dear friend, inspired and owns this work.

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